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Gensol Roster System

This system is in pre-release, if you would like a demonstration please contact us.

Gensol Roster is a complete roster management package and interfaces directly into the Gensol Payroll Software. No matter what your business is our Gensol Payroll Software and Gensol Roster System will meet your needs.

Sample: Gensol Roster Screenshot

Gensol Roster reads from the payroll the employee masterfile details, hourly rates, positions, contact numbers etc. The award interpreter allows for each shift to have the payment rules assigned for different employee types, e.g. full time, casual, agency etc. The option to calculate the costing for the roster can be done numerous times prior to the posting of the completed roster to the payroll, greatly reducing the workload of the pay office.

Once the payroll has been completed you are able to view/report on the rostered costings v actual (payroll). Rostered costings write to history tables allowing for costing reporting to be by any date selection.

Single screen for all your roster scheduling where you see any unfilled shifts and employee's already rostered. You can amend, add, delete within this one screen.

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